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relax at our hotel

We are very happy to offer you a selection of relaxation and beauty treatments.  We recommend booking massages and bathes together with your hotel room.

You can chose from a list of different massages, which will perfectly loosen up or regenerate your body. Our expirienced masseurs can offer the perfect treatments or wrap for you. We also provide cosmetic services.  

Let us paper you and help you to find the perfect treatment. We have also seasonal special offers, from which you can chose. 



Length Price
Relaxing neck and shoulder massage 30 min CZK 350
Relaxing neck, shoulder and back massage 30 min CZK 500
Relaxing full body massage 60 min CZK 950
Aromatherapy back massage 45 min CZK 780
Lava stone back massage 45 min CZK 840
Foot reflexology massage 30 min CZK 500
Cinnamon detox scrub and full body wrap with a partial massage 45 min CZK 950
Back wrap of mud form the dead sea with a partial massage 45 min CZK 890


Length Price
Peat bath 45 min CZK 900
Detoxing bath 45 min CZK 600
Aromatherapeutic bath (without bubbles) 45 min CZK 600
Bubble bath 45 min CZK 800
Bubble bath with aromatherapeutic oil                          45 min CZK 1000


Cosmetic services are available upon the guest's request in the hotel cosmetics studio or in our cosmetics salon located 300 meters from the hotel.

Length Price
Basic treatment

Basic treatment with an ultrasonic scrubber

60 min CZK 320
Basic treatment with an ultrasonic scrubber 60 min CZK 390
Relaxation treatment 90 min CZK 420
Relaxation treatment with an ultrasonic scrubber 90 min CZK 490
Eyelash or eyebrow colouring - from CZK 50