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Originally a princely fortified settlement in Bechyně, mentioned in the 9th century, stands on the southernmost rocky outcrop above the confluence of the Smutná River and the Lužnice River. King Přemysl Otakar II won the property of the Prague bishops "the desolate mountain of Bechyně" before 1268 and built a stone castle here. The town was founded under the reign of John of Luxembourg in the foreground, surrounded by walls in 1323. The castle was fortified in the 15th century.

Owners changed between the 1370s; In 1340 Bechyně was also in the possession of the Lords of Šternberk (again in the years 1477 to 1530, then 1596 to 1715), from which Margrave Jošt acquired it in 1367. During the Bechiňs of Lažany, at the turn of 1422-1423, the town was burned down by the Hussite governor Jan Hvězda of Vicemilice; However, the castle was captured by Prokop Holý in 1428.

From the oldest seat, rebuilt mainly in 1477 and then from 1510 to 1527, there are still preserved parts of two longitudinal structures connected by a transverse wing, which was connected to the newly built so-called Vok's castle during the Renaissance. The fourth wing, ending the southern side of the courtyard, was torn down in 1791.

After the era of Švamberks, the owners of Bechyně since 1530, Petr Vok of Rožmberk ruled here between 1569 and 1596, who had a wedding here (14 February 1580) with Kateřina of Ludanice. By marriage of Maria Theresa of Sternberg in 1715 to Jan Leopold Count Paar, Bechyně became the property of the Paars, who stayed there until 1948, when the state confiscated the castle. Then it was used by the Czech Academy of Science. After the revolution, the estate was returned to restitution and is currently owned by the firm based in Vaduz (Liechtenstein) Bechyně SE / Herrschaft Bechyne SE, which is owned by Josef Stava.

The estate of the Bechyně SE / Herrschaft Bechyne SE, which includes 4982 hectares of its own forest land, 500 hectares of forests leased from the surrounding villages, 282 hectares of ponds, the Bechyne castle premises and other properties in Bechyně, is managed by the Czech subsidiary Panství Bechyně s.r.o.

The castle and the surrounding property and land have been continuously repaired since 1994. Until 2007, Panství Bechyně underwent reconstruction and repairs for more than CZK 210 million.

The newest reconstruction works are the interior of the Forrest house, new aviaries, the new Kohoutka - Katovna roof with a brand new rooster weather vane, restoration of the third and last part of the historical frescoes in the castle courtyard and the reconstruction of the originally Renaissance facade of the castle's exterior.

Most of the castle premises can be rented for cultural and social events, including wedding ceremonies. In the summer months, various historical and cultural events take place here. 

Take a look at the photos of the Chateau grounds in the times. The castle riding hall, the granary, the chateau and other spaces you will see as you do not know them. 

Transformations over time


Our chateau has also been the goal of the ‘Wandering camera’ television program, where filmmakers took a look at the late Gothic Stromový sál (Tree Hall) and Petr Vok’s wedding hall, for example.

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